Everything you wanted to know about wood laminate flooring!

Welcome to Wood Laminate Flooring

Wood laminate flooring has only been introduced slightly over two decades ago but its popularity and demands has literally exploded, marking it as the fastest growing flooring solution. What makes it so popular? Read on and find out.

Easy to install

With innovative features such as glue-less and snap-lock system, wood laminate flooring installation is extremely easy. Even people not adept at home-improvement can install it without much difficulty. Replacing old carpets with wood laminate flooring is not only a great way to remodel and reenergize your stale home, but it can also raise the value of your property.


Wood laminate flooring can be installed virtually anywhere. Not only are they suitable for any rooms in the household, they are strong enough to be used outdoors.


Wood laminate flooring is extremely affordable, with price starting from as low as less than a dollar per square foot. If you install it yourself, which is extremely doable, the overall cost is significant lower compared to other flooring options.

The look

Without squatting and inspecting closely, wood laminate flooring will be hard to differentiate from the real thing. It looks absolutely stunning and stylish especially compared to stale and ugly carpets.


Wood laminate flooring is far more hygienic than other flooring options. Carpets are notorious for accumulating dirt even with regular vacuuming but with wood laminate flooring, regular sweeping and mopping is all that's needed to keep it pristinely clean. If you have kids and/or pets, the benefits of wood laminate flooring cannot be overstated with all the accidents that are waiting to happen.

Resistant to damaging elements

Unlike hardwood, laminate hardwood flooring is highly resistant to water and stains. This is an excellent feature that allows them to be installed in kitchens and bathrooms without the fear of them being ruined by water. On top of this, it is far more resistant to structural damages such as scratches, dents and cracks than hardwoods.

Strong and durable

Wood laminate flooring is extremely durable and strong. With all the improvements and technological innovations made over the years, wood laminate flooring rivals the durability of hardwood flooring. Manufacturers offer warranties ranging from ten years to lifetime, giving buyers a peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining wood laminate flooring is extremely easy. Vacuuming with brush attachment and periodic mopping is all that's needed to keep it in great shape for years.

So is there anything possibly wrong with wood laminate flooring? Well for one, its vibrancy and color will inevitably fade over time. Hardwood floor has the advantage of being waxed to maintain its luscious shine and that is just not possible with wood laminate flooring. The feel and look of it, although mimicked extremely well, simply cannot compare to the real thing. However, I think these are fair trade-offs when you consider all the benefits of wood laminate flooring.

Wood Laminate Flooring Tip #1

Before the installation can begin, be sure to bring your wood laminate flooring into your house so they can acclimatise to the room's temperature and humidity level. Failure to follow this simple procedure will result in future complications such as buckling!

Wood Laminate Flooring Tip #2

As always, prevention is better than cure. Place rugs underneath high traffic areas such as the doorways. Install felt pads under the legs of your furnitures. Your wood laminate flooring will thank you for it!

Wood Laminate Flooring Tip #3

Do not skimp on laminate flooring underlayment and purchase a quality product. It'll sound-proof your floor, make it warmer, and improve comfort level.